My First Post…6/6/10

So…I’ve never kept a journal or a diary; I was horrible at keeping a sketchbook (even thru 10 years of art school). I love the possibilities of a blank book – such a fascinating object – full of potential. But as soon as I made my mark in it, I felt it was sullied and quickly lost interest. I’m intrigued by blogging and it’s push/pull of public/private. And the idea of being held accountable by the nameless faceless horde (or by no one at all?) Somewhat exciting, a different choice for me, a little bit scary.

My intention is this:

To keep an open record of my personal journey. Where am I going? Everywhere. I guess that’s why it’s a “holistic” approach to wellness. I didn’t pick the moniker “HeathyMaura” for nothing! I’m going to start simply. I bought a pair of sneakers Friday, I joined the Y yesterday, today I got socks and a combination lock and tomorrow morning I’m going to get up and go work-out. It’s been 3 months since my son was born and I think I still look about 5 months pregnant. ugh. I thought breastfeeding was going to make the weight drop off like magic – haha – totally not true! An extra 600 calories a day, my ass. {Actually, let’s not talk about my ass right now.}

I’m also on Day 4 of my pre-pregnancy food plan = gluten and dairy free. (Somehow, while pregnant, I became the ‘Cupcake Queen’. It was fun while it lasted, but it’s time to put away that particular tiara) I do have a sensitivity/allergy to gluten, but my only problem with dairy is that it’s unnecessary () Sometimes too much dairy will make my face break-out (ZITS! I’m 38 years old for crying out loud!) and I can always hear my mother’s endocrinologist saying “Cheese is the fat man’s candy”. So true – I try to justify eating it for protein and calcium, but I know there’s more calcium in green veggies and the protein won’t cancel out the saturated fat. Sometimes I feel like Jim Carrey as the Riddler in that Batman movie – in the final scene where he gets overloaded with all the thoughts and information of everyone hooked up to his “box” and his brain explodes and then he’s kinda crazy drooling stoopid from knowing too much random crap. Sometimes I feel like that about nutrition. (Except I don’t claim to be Batman. Although at times I feel ready for the asylum)

The Riddler

OK. Enough for tonight. The baby’s asleep and I should be too. Busy day tomorrow…wish me luck!

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