Woo-Hoo! I made it to the Y

TaDa! I managed to get myself and my little one out of the house by 9:15 this morning. I burned 300 calories on the treadmill while my son slept thru his first daycare experience. It felt weird to leave him with strangers, but I was only 100 feet away…I justify it by telling myself that I’m a better mommy to him if I find time for self-care. It’s the old “quality vs. quantity” argument. If the plane is going down, I need to put on my oxygen mask before helping others…I’ve traded in my guilty pleasures for guilty rationalizations.

So, what did the overweight nutritionist eat today? (wow. That sounds like the start of a very naughty joke.)

For breakfast I had left-over last night’s dinner: curried lamb, lentils, greens, mushrooms, tomato & quinoa – all cooked together in the crock pot, because I don’t like turning my oven on in hot weather.

Lunch was a frozen gluten and dairy free spinach pizza (not real crust, not real cheese, not real satisfying) and a hot dog (organic beef, no bun) that I “baked” in my toaster oven while simultaneously trying to work online and breastfeed. I find lunch to be my most difficult meal – the little one is very active mid-day.

Afternoon snack: cashews & an iced decaf soy latte (which involved a nice long walk pushing the stroller to a new neighborhood coffee shop)

Dinner: Italian sausage (from the farmer’s market) with bok choy, tomatoes, capers, basil served over baked polenta.

Evening snack: clementine

So…meat at every meal (lamb, beef and pork) = thumbs down. 2 out of 3 meals homemade = thumbs up. Quinoa & polenta = thumbs up for gluten-free variety.  Soy milk = thumbs down for added sugar. (No caffeine, no alcohol, no gluten, no dairy… I know sugar has got to go, but…I used to PRIDE  myself on my vices. sigh)

All in all, I give today a thumbs up – I exercised, ate reasonably well, got work done, and spent time outside on a beautiful day. Feeling very blessed right now…

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