A Good Day

Today was a good day. I’m finding that work/play mommy/me balance. I gave a talk on “Hydration” this morning {Hey people: drink more WATER! How many different ways to say that simple statement do I have to invent to fill 30 whole minutes?} then I went to the gym. A quick trip to Target, home for lunch. A client session, then a walk around the neighborhood with a friend. More food. A kitchen disaster actually. No guts, no glory…

The Great Quinoa Pancick {pancake + ick = pancick} – not my best dish 🙂

Here’s What NOT to do:

Gather left over quinoa and mix with a little gluten-free pancake mix, add 1 egg, a little pomegranate juice (instead of milk), blueberries, strawberries, and gluten-free granola. Don’t measure anything – eyeball it all (don’t worry, it will soon be giving you the hairy eyeball right back).

Pre-heat a pan with a little coconut oil over medium heat. Pour mixture into pan. Wait for it to behave like a pancake with crisp edges and bubbles in the center. Ignore purple oozing. Wait some more. Hell, wait forever – because it will NEVER bubble in the center. Try to flip it anyway. As it falls apart, reshape it into multiple smaller pancakes. When you realize that this is also a futile endeavor, add organic peanut butter and just start mixing it all up in the pan. Put away the plate you pulled out earlier and get a bowl. Pour concoction into bowl, drizzle with local raw honey and a dash of cinnamon. Tell yourself you actually wanted oatmeal more than pancakes anyway {Yup, of course I meant to do that}

Oh well, it was gluten & dairy free (1 whole week of being back-on-track) and the dog thought it was delicious. LOL

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