But Baby NEEDED Cupcakes…

Today was my son’s 3 month check-up, which also made it my monthly weigh in. I don’t own a scale (due to my compulsive, absolutely zany behavior when there is a scale in the house). So I decided to use the scale in my pediatrician’s office, since I’ll be taking the baby in every month. And we all know that different scales weigh differently, so it’s important to be consistent. And wear flip-flops, no accessories and dress in layers; even in December. When I was pregnant, I would basically strip in the hallway of the doctor’s office before getting on the scale. Towards the end of my pregnancy I started gaining weight like crazy…My doctor told me I was a “freight train headed in the wrong direction” (nice visual, thanks Dr. J!) and knowing I was a nutritionist, still threatened to send me to an RD {registered dietician}. Somehow me whining “But baby NEEDS cupcakes” didn’t win me any sympathy points. go figure.

I just assumed that when the baby came out {there’s a story for another day} that baby + fluids + other gross stuff = major weight loss. I mean, my boy weighed 8 pounds at birth…and the rest was water weight, right? Actually, no…no, it wasn’t water weight. It was weight weight. Cupcake weight. Fried Bacon and Sauerkraut Sandwich weight (with Sirracha and cheese – I had some strange cravings that first trimester) Nacho weight.

Anyway…I stepped on the scale today and I LOST 6 POUNDS! Yay me! I consider that quite an accomplishment, because I did it from diet alone (having only started to work out this week). My goal is to lose the “baby weight” in 9 months…I figured it took 9 months to gain…so I’ll give myself the same amount of time to take it off. Slow and steady weight loss; 1-2 pounds a week. How much did I gain during my pregnancy? {drumroll please}….52 pounds. Some of it actually was the baby (thank god) so as of today I have lost 29 pounds (more than 1/2 – YAY!) Leaving 23 pounds to lose in 6 months (24 weeks) This is a very realistic goal. Achievable.Yup, that’s what I keep telling myself 🙂

It’s funny that my goal is to get the baby to put on weight (Today he came in at a respectable 13 pounds 9 oz) while I just want the weight off of me. We sleep next to each other {I love co-sleeping; makes breastfeeding in the middle of the night so much easier} isn’t there some osmosis process that will take my fat and stick it on him? Oh right – that’s what breastfeeding is supposed to do! How is it fair that rolls of fat on his thighs are “adorable” and the rolls on mine just make it impossible to wear skinny jeans?

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  1. 1

    Marti said,

    hey maura congrats!! I managed to lose all but 10 but have gained back another 5….. I know you can do it!

  2. 2

    Aunt Sharon said,

    You go girl………
    Oh, Maura, I am so proud of you. Your wit is great and writing it down is like a mantra to yourself and all who read it. Yes, you can. Hell who knows, I could kinda get motivated Love Aunt Sharon

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