I love BBQ & the Y

Just back from my Pilates class and feeling good! I’ve been trying lots of different classes at the Y, to see what I like and what works best in my schedule. Last Monday I worked out in the gym; Tuesday I took a “BodyStep” class – a crazy hour-long step class that only proved something I already knew – choreography is not my friend! Wednesday I took a deep-water aerobics class (love the pool – I do feel graceful under water. Not under pressure, but at least under water) . I took Thursday & Friday off, because my baby boy came down with his first cold (which I have a sneaking suspicion he got from being around so many other kids at the Y child care center. Oh the mommy guilt!) Saturday I went back to the Y for another aquatic class called “T-n-T” (Tummy & Thighs). meh. Not as good of a workout as the deep-water aerobics…

And eating? Well, I’m still gluten and dairy free. One whole month! I’m starting to get a little bored with my own cooking, so I think I’m going to make more of an effort to step out of my comfort zone. I’m teaching a class about healthy summer eating and I’m trying to find good BBQ/cook-out recipes that are so delicious no-one will realize they’re good for you too!

I’m working on a hamburger (that won’t fall apart on the grill) that is 1/2 beef & 1/2 bean – using less meat = less saturated fat and calories; but I still want some meat in there for flavor. I’m having texture issues with it. I think maybe I need to try lentils instead of black beans, and I’d love to slide some chopped spinach in there, too. Every BBQ needs more green veggies! I have my healthy “Rustic German-Style Potato Salad” and my gluten-free “Vegan Black Bean Brownies” (maybe it’s good I don’t stick black beans in the burger too). I buy organic turkey dogs from Whole Foods (made by Applegate Farms and only 50 calories each – very tasty!) A fresh green salad (dressed with lemon juice and balsamic vinegar – no oil, light and flavorful), fresh fruit (grilled watermelon with fresh rosemary – a treat my friend Marnie turned me onto last summer. Grilling the watermelon concentrates the flavor and gives it a firmer texture – amazing!)

OK, I’m making myself hungry and I obviously need to get into the kitchen. and do some prep work. Who’s coming over for dinner?

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    I love BBQ & the Y…

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