Monthly Weigh-In (drum roll, please…)

So today was my son’s 4 month check-up, which also means it was my monthly weigh-in (and 1 month since I started this blog – time’s flying!) And… I lost 4 pounds!  I hit my very modest goal of 1 pound/week. Slow & Steady. So why am I just ever-so-slightly disappointed? Is it my over-acheiving type A personality that meeting goals isn’t enough and I should exceed my goals at every opportunity? Where’s my weight loss miracle? The skinny fairy godmother who will bippitty-boppitty-boo my pumpkin rump into a pair of skinny jeans (which my broke ass can’t afford to buy anyway). My fairy godmother needs to be waving a liposuction wand and have the ability to turn tattered tank-tops (stained with breast milk) into sassy fashion statements (probably still stained with breast milk) Even in my fantasies I’m still doing too much laundry…sigh.

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    marti said,

    Maura, I lost weight as well. 4 pounds is great! and you are doing this the HEALTHY way!!!!!

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