Baby Peas & Poops

I called my pediatrician on her cell phone this morning, and when she answered “Hello Maura, how’s MJ…?”  I thought ‘holy crap! Do I call her that often?’ It turns out if you call once, she stores the number {pheew}. I had called 3 days ago, because my son has a recurring problem. Well, actually it’s the lack of reoccurrence that’s the problem. My poor baby is constipated! One poop in four days…

I understand that digestion is a complicated process, and we’ve just started with baby’s first solid foods. Rice cereal to begin with, then avocados, after I was planing to introduce carrots, peas, zucchini…whatever looked fresh and inviting at the farmer’s market. I believe in feeding children FOOD – real food, not sugar-coated over-processed crap masquerading as food. And I was looking forward to choosing his food, and cooking it myself. Imagine my disappointment when everything (literally) came to a grinding halt!

I know constipation is completely normal during the introduction of food. Breast milk is easily digestible, and food is new. Baby’s bodies need time to adjust. So I stopped with the rice cereal and looked for foods higher in fiber. My pediatrician recommended barley cereal, but I’m hesitant to give my baby foods that I’m allergic to (wheat, rye, barley = gluten).

I decided to skip the cereal all together and concentrate on fruits and vegetables. And more breast milk. I’m going to stuff my son with liquids and fiber! First up: Prunes. Old wives tales often contain a kernel of truth and this one is no exception. Prunes are incredibly high in fiber and sweet enough to please a baby’s palate. Next up: Peas. They have an equal amount of fiber and a different set of nutrients. I really want MJ to get used to lots of green veggies.

I also tried the warm bath, tummy massage, and “bicycle legs”. Is there any problem that the trifecta of good nutrition, exercise and rest can’t fix? As it happens…Yes. Yes, there is.

24 hours later and still no poop. I know these things take time, but this morning MJ was obviously uncomfortable; straining, crying and turning an odd shade of purple. Hence the call to Dr. Lieberman. The last resort: Glycerin Suppositories.

MJ and I made the trip to Target and they only had adult size suppositories (as if I wasn’t worried enough about sticking something up my baby’s tiny bottom) It seems that you can cut an adult sized glycerin suppository in 1/2. Mommyhood is a constant learning experience!

Once home, I got the scissors, the suppository and try to psych myself up. I took off MJ’s diaper…and he had pooped! Thick (and stinky) and looking like grown-up poop…another milestone! And I totally dodged the bullet-shaped laxative.

Happy Day!

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