I Have a Crush on Adam Richman

Oh Adam! He’s a self-proclaimed food fanatic with a serious appetite for life always looking for the “ultimate food challenge”.  In case you don’t know who I’m talking about, Adam Richman is the host of a TV show “Man V. Food” on the Travel Channel. The show is all about everything that is wrong with our pop food culture, and yet I’m completely charmed. Each episode is set in a different city, but follows the same basic format. Two or three stops at local faves that typify food of the region, then a short “inter-mezzo” skit or dream sequence leading into the final segment, which is a “food challenge” that falls into one of two categories: Hotter than Hell or Consume Mass Quantities.

Thanks to Adam, I now know what a ghost chili is, and that it’s 100x hotter than a jalapeno. I get a kick out of watching him cry and sweat and plead for milk. The fact that I love watching him suffer only proves how much I care. I like my food well seasoned, but never so spicy that all I taste is burning This man has scorched his taste buds for my viewing pleasure and manages to maintain his witty banter through his tears.

But it’s the sheer quantity of food that he can consume in a single sitting that is truly awe-inspiring and completely frightening. Food is measured by the pound and in comparison to the size of Adam’s head. My favorite episode by far has him sitting at Katz’s deli (been there, ate that) with his MOTHER eating a pound of pastrami. His mom asks him if he really need to eat all that, to which he replies “I have to Ma, it’s my job”. Her response? “Yeah…but is it healthy?” Ummm…last week he drank a 6 pound milkshake served in a two foot tall glass vase – he lost sight of healthy a long time ago.

And yet…I want him. He’s adorable! It’s because I like him just the way he is, and yet I want to completely change him. I want to be his side-kick on this pig-out mission and I want to be his nutritionist and save him from himself. But the obvious pleasure he takes in eating is…well…sexy. It’s the lust in his lust for life that turns me on. I know food is not entertainment, but watching Adam eat is my guilty pleasure…when he speaks of food being “softened by hot butter” I feel myself melt a little. Just love me half as much as you love bacon, and I’ll be satisfied.

Hey Adam! The next time you’re in Philly (the first time he did Reading Terminal, Franklin Fountain and a 5 pound cheese steak at Tony Luke’s) and you want a dining companion..call me, please?!

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    Leah T said,

    I too think Adam Richman is completely adorable, and am horrified by what he eats. But you will be happy to hear that I read an interview with him recently where he said that when he’s not filming for the show, he eats primarily fish and vegetables…

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