Kickin’ Step Class Ass

Every Tuesday I torture myself with the BodyStep class at the Y. I started two months ago, thoughts of Jane Fonda-sizing running through my mind. Careful choreography is not my strong suit; and I’m about as graceful as a bull in a china shop (although much better looking in a leotard).

The first class I attended was actually the launch of the program at the YMCA, complete with fun give-aways – granola bars and bottles of water. I skipped the food, but ended up drinking multiple bottles of water during the class. And there were three instructors, each demonstrating a different level of commitment. Beginner (“Possibly”) Intermediate (“Unlikely”) and Advanced (“No Chance in Hell”).

The music was loud and energy was high and I was concentrating very hard not to twist my ankle or fall on my butt. I had to follow the “low impact” instructor and I still struggled to keep up. I must have looked completely dejected when we were done, because all 3 instructors came over to talk to me after class. (Do they work on commission?Are they paid by the pound? Am I someone’s Christmas bonus?) The high impact leader of the pack was a little too perky for me…I would’ve liked to kick her in the shins, but I was too exhausted to lift my foot. My low impact lady introduced herself as Jennifer and whispered in my ear that she weighed 275 pounds when she started BodyStep and was now an instructor in training, one year later. SOLD!

Now I’ve been working out 4-5 times a week, mixing it up with BodyStep, BodyPump (a weightlifting version), water aerobics, and time in the fitness center – 2 months later there’s a noticable difference in my fitness level. This weeks class was my personal best. In just 8 weeks, I’ve gone from the simple tap on the bench to the high knee. This is a major milestone in the world of step aerobics! I feel like I should get a gold star, or a button or a sticker, maybe a bumper sticker (BTW, my personal bumper is definitely smaller) And I felt strong, capable and almost graceful. I can’t believe the changes in only 8 weeks. Monday is my official 5 month weigh-in (I can’t believe my son is 5 months old!) I’m hoping for a loss of 4-5 pounds, my slow & steady 1 pound/week goal. Hopefully I’m on track to get my baby fat off in the same 9 months it took me to put it on. Stay tuned…

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