5 Month Weigh-In…

Today was my son’s 5 month doctor’s appointment and he is thriving! A healthy 16 lbs 3.5 oz and 25 inches long…in the 50th percentile for growth…he’s getting  nice & chunky! He also had to get a shot, so now he’s resting uncomfortably, my poor fussy guy.

His weigh-ins are my weigh-ins too, and so far I’m proud to say that I’m right on schedule – and another 5 pounds down! I have 4 months left (just over 16 weeks) to get rid of my remaining baby weight, 13 pounds. I’ve noticed that I feel more fit when I exercise (kicking step class ass) and I can see the difference in my face (hello cheekbones!) and my thighs (goodbye saddlebags!). I’ve also been gluten and dairy free for more than 2 months without any “cheats”.

Today, the tech at my pediatrician’s office asked me what I was doing to lose weight (after remarking about how great I look – thanks Jackie!) and I told her I was exercising regularly, and eating well. And that’s so  true – I haven’t been counting calories or weighing out exact portions, and I’ve certainly had treats (a chocolate bar here, gluten-free cake there, a crazy amount of BBQ ribs while on vacation) But at the end of the day, I realized that the best thing I do for my health  is cook. As soon as eating out is out of the equation, the weight comes off. Which makes me wonder exactly what I’m eating at restaurants. Last night I stumbled across this article in the New York Times that explains that published calories counts on menus can (legally – according to the FDA) be off by up to 20%. And some of the discrepancies were just ridiculous!


Here’s a quote from that piece:

“Some of the disparities were startling. At Denny’s, a serving of grits, listed at 80 calories, tested at 258. The label on Lean Cuisine’s shrimp and angel-hair pasta says it has 220 calories, but the researchers measured it at 319. They found 344 calories in a Wendy’s grilled chicken wrap listed at 260.”

YIKES! I  may not be a calorie counter, but if I eat something that says it has 80 calories and it really has 250…well, I certainly won’t reach my goal of losing 13 pounds in the next 4 months.

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