Bacon Peanut Brittle

I have a new favorite sweet treat, courtesy of the Swift Half Pub at the Piazza in NoLibs. It’s sold as a bar snack, 3 pieces for $3 and it’s CRAZY GOOD. I’m so grateful I didn’t discover this treat while I was pregnant, it would’ve been ugly. Bacon Peanut Brittle. Excuse the poor photo quality, but I had to use my phone to capture the moment:The bacon was thick and smoky and there were large pieces dispersed throughout the treat. It wasn’t chock full of peanuts, there was lots of “brittle” – that caramel sugary crackle of sticky yummy molar-gumming goodness.

It struck just the right balance of salty, smoky & sweet – and I don’t usually care for smoke flavor. I don’t like smokehouse almonds, the smoked cheeses or fish. As a matter of fact my grandmother once said I wasn’t a “good Jew” because I don’t like lox. (Why take a perfectly lovely piece of salmon and torture it like that? What’s the matter with a nice poach or a lovely pan sear? Hell, give it to me raw with some rice and wasabi and I’m a happy camper.)

Bacon Peanut Brittle lives in my own personal nutritional no-man’s land. I even heard myself try to rationalize eating such a huge quantity of sugar with that old standard “but it has a good amount of protein in it” – peanuts AND bacon (as if those were great sources of protein – ha!). And peanuts have the “good fat”. It’s amazing the lies we can tell ourselves to justify poor choices.

Deep breath and let it go. I wanted it and I enjoyed it. It was one choice out of many that I made today, and my other choices were good. Kale and eggs for breakfast, a salad with grilled shrimp for lunch, a homemade dinner of brown rice pasta with fresh vegetables from the farmer’s market. A plum, some cantaloupe, lots of water to drink…At least I know I ate the rainbow of fruits and vegetables I needed to get my nutrients. Obviously I’m still rationalizing. But it was delicious…and so worth it!

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