Good Deed of the Day

Today I made a difference. After hearing about the Vitamin Water lawsuit and reading countless articles about how we “drink” our calories, I’ve become hyper-vigilant about my beverage consumption. I haven’t had a soda in more than 2 years, and if I drink juice, it’s in small amounts or added to sparkling water to give it a little more kick.

While shopping in Whole Foods today, I noticed that they were having a special deal on juice boxes as part of their back-to-school promotions. There was a huge stack of “Honest Kids” organic juice boxes with a Whole Foods sign advertising “Organic Juice Boxes $4.99” – not a bad deal. So I picked up a pack and looked at the ingredients. Sure enough, right above the Nutrition Facts panel it says “10% juice” The first ingredient was water, the second was sugar, then various juices. So I put it right back down. But then instead of walking on, something inside me snapped. I stopped a passing “team member” and asked to speak to the manager. The grocery manager came over right away and I explained very nicely that I thought their sign was unfair – that these so-called “juice boxes” only contained 10% juice and were actually 90% sugar water, and that marketing them as “Organic Juice” was wrong.

The sign was removed (although the product still remains, but to be fair, I don’t think that’s the grocery manager’s decision – but a corporate call) and 2 hours later when I checked back in after Mommy & Me yoga, the sign was still gone and the juice boxes had been re-stacked in such a way that the sign couldn’t be put back in its previous spot.

It’s a really small victory – but if one mom isn’t fooled into thinking that she’s giving her kid juice when it’s really fancy flavored sugar water – then I feel like I did my good day of the day. But this type of marketing and labeling happens all the time and I get especially cranky when it’s devious AND marketed towards children. Grrrr…

I mean, look at this packaging – it has the USDA Organic seal, it says “organic thirst quenchers”, 1/2 the sugar of most kids drinks. No HFCS, and the brand name says Honest – right there, plain as day (Yes, it’s made by the Honest T folk) Any unsuspecting shopper would think this is a good choice. Makes me crazy that I have to read the side label on every single package – but that’s what we have to do. So this is my battle cry “Read Every Label!” today I won a small skirmish in the battle of the bulge, but the war rages on…

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    jfanega said,

    Honest my ass!

    I was in WF the other day and a team member was giving out samples of Wallaby yogurt. First she announced it over the loud speaker, and when I approached her table she said again that it contains evaporated cane juice, “not sugar”. Um, hello? THAT IS SUGAR! I suppose the fact that it is also FAT FREE makes up for the fact that it is super sweet. I feel bad for people who don’t have the time or desire to investigate food like we do.

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