6 Month Check-Up

Today was my son’s 6 month check-up and he’s growing like a weed! Now weighing just slightly more than 17 pounds and 26 inches long, he has a head circumference of almost 17 inches – no wonder I call him “Pumpkin Noggin”. Thank god his Auntie Jessica is knitting him a winter cap, I can’t find anything to cover his cranium…

His weigh-ins are my weigh-ins too and I have to admit I was dreading this one. I’ve been a little slack about getting to the Y and working out. Mornings with the baby are so sweet and I feel like a monster waking him up and dragging him out of the house so I can exercise. This week I made it to the gym twice, and last week I only went once. I’ve tried to make up for my slow mornings by taking long afternoon walks, but they often culminate at the coffee shop and the sugary soy milk in my decaf latte cancels out the benefits of my jaunt, I’m sure. 

So imagine my surprise to find that I’ve lost another 4 pounds! My goal is only 8 pounds away – single digits! It’s not quite a pound a week, since there were 5 weeks…but I still feel pretty good about it. And Fall has always been my time of year to focus and regroup. I’m glad summer with all of its distractions is over.

So I’m going to challenge myself – can I lose my remaining 8 pounds in only 2 months (so by MJ’s 8 month check up) and shave a month of off my time? I’ve already got my next goal figured out, too. My pre-pregnancy weight is 25 pounds heavier than I was at my high school graduation. Can I get down to my 1990 weight by my next birthday….March 20, 2011? If I can make it, I’ll celebrate my first 39th birthday (an age I intend to “stick” for many years) thinner than I have been in more than 2 decades. Can I do it? Yup.

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